PT Sasmita Wikrama Nusantara (Sasmita)  established on March 2012 based on wishes and to give more meaningful dedication to Indonesia. Sasmita become a place to continue the contribution of five founders after a few years in the computer industry, especially for developing, implementation and maintaining of ERP application.

As a first step in realizing the ideals to make a reliable computer applications, Sasmita built an ‘engine application’ that become as an foundation of all applications that are built under Sasmita brand.

The key benefits are:

  • Enterprise grade architecture
    (Secure, scalable, concurrent users & transaction, online & batch)
  • Highly interactive user interface
    (intuitive, multitasking, all major browser include mobile browser)
  • High flexibility & maintainability
    (ERP standard for customizing, development workbench, reporting, and interfacing)
  • Integration with other system
    (Service Oriented Architecture, direct or indirect access
    to external system)
  • Audit Trail
    (User access, master data changing, transaction)
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-Browser
  • Mobile Apps

This engine implemented on various industry such as transportation, banking, government, telecommunication etc under several product such as SasmitaHUMANCAPITAL (Human Resources Information System), SasmitaHEALTHCARE(Solution for TPA Health Insurance), SasmitaXBRL (Workflow for XBRL Reporting System), SasmitaASSETMANAGEMENT (Managing & Controlling Asset), etc.