Komodita (Abbreviation of Komoditas Kita  mean our Commodities) is a web and mobile application that connect farmers, ranchers, communities, governments and other parties to exchange information and transact easily and securely, to the commodity produced.

Farmers, Community and Government is the Three Main Reasons behind the development of Komodita


Farmers as the main cog of agricultural production systems are often despised so they did not get proper appreciation. Problems unilateral price reduction by brokers, delaying in the handling of seed and pest control is often a problem for farmers. Therefore, the application is expected to improve the living standard of farmers. Therefore, the application is expected to control the farmers’ needs and ultimately improve the lives of farmers

Ease of finding a means of supporting production

Farmers will be more easy to find and buy Production Support Facilities such as Seed, fertilizer, hoes to tractors sold in shops nearby.

Ease in getting guidance and counseling

Close the gap between the government and businessmen, light information of the extension can be granted to farmers without have to meet face to face.

Ease in giving and getting information

Communication features close the gap between businessmen, to facilitate the exchange of information wherever you are.

Ease and security of transactions

Businessmen now can market their commodities in Komodita applications, and people can buy directly so as to reduce the interference of third parties that may disrupt the price of goods.

Improve the selling price

By cutting a third parties, the public can buy the commodity directly to businesses so that the selling price could be increased.


The government’s role as a regulator of business should have the ability to understand the potential and problems of businesses in the region. Mapping the potential of the area will optimize the performance of the government. In addition, the government delay in understanding the problem will further impact on businesses.

Mapping the potential for regional commodities

The Government can see the commodities available in the region, as well as to estimate the demand for a particular commodity. This mapping can also help in seeing the diversity of existing commudities.

Facilitate distribution of information

The Government through the instructor can immediately distribute information about the interests of businessmen. Changes in the price of seeds, price of commodities price, and to provide information appropriate planting methods to businessmen.

Facilitate price control

With this application, the Government may see fluctuations in commodity prices and the amount available in their area.

Facilitate price control

With this application the Government can see the amount of commodities available in the area, so can estimate the availability of commodities within a certain period so that it can control the price of the commodity.

Facilitate the distribution of the means of business support

With the mapping feature of commodities, the Government can make the distribution of Means Supporting to easily and precisely targeted.

Pest and disaster control

With the disasters alert feature, governments may see the pests / disaster that occurred in the region in accordance with that reported by the business communities and renders a precise anticipation that pests / disaster can be handled well

Facilitate guidance and counseling services

The government can provide guidance and counseling services directly related to businesses without having to meet them.


Other Supporting businesses play a major role in the sustainability of efforts in running the their business. Provision of facilities as well as the means to increase productivity up to basic raw materials can be provided by Other Business Support. By marketing their products through this application, is expected to facilitate transactions with other their business.